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Wedding packages to suit everyone, please bare in mind this includes retouching of your book images something that you wont find elsewhere that makes the world of difference (major retouching like swapping heads is available on request!).

You can also choose the popular Graphi Studio Album to showcase your wedding photos.

You can review your wedding photographs in your own online gallery then let me know your favorite 100+ for the wedding book (as many pages as you like). I will also put up an edit of the ones I think will best tell the story of your wedding as a starting point.

Once the wedding book is laid out I will email you a link to view  and approve it then you can forward it to your friends while you wait for it to arrive.

For those friends who weren’t happy with their wedding pictures once they’ve seen yours why not re-stage it with just the two of you or more, retouched and gorgeous?

Worried that it’s all about the bride? For something special for the groom he’ll never forget go here.